Art Class

Let ’s redraw womanhood

Many girls and women grow up thinking that something is wrong with their body.
That’s because a realistic image of female diversity is almost nowhere to be found. Stop that!
The Nakeducation Online Workshop will educate you about the female body and show you how to create your own, individual work of art.

In cooperation with online platform THE FLOOX.
This is how your artwork could look like:

Choose your set

The female body

– a piece of art

The box

A box inspired by the female flow. Designed by entrepreneur and influencer Madeleine Darya Alizadeh (@dariadaria) and Laura Karasinski, founder of the Vienna design studio Atelier Karasinski. With hand-crafted marble paper and in the colors of the cycle. With art against the taboo!

The workshop

On THE FLOOX online platform our artist Eva-Maria Janson will guide you through your 50 minute online workshop with seven different nude models. You will learn how to create your own individual work of art and exciting facts about the female anatomy. Suitable for all art levels.

Our partner

offers online art classes with international artists

Thank yous

Creative Idea
The Female Company

Co-Creation & Box-Design
Madeleine Darya Alizadeh (@dariadaria)
& Laura Karasinski von Atelier Karasinski, Wien

Workshop & Video
The Floox

Partners Faber Castell, WIENERIN Magazin

Aktmodelle Maria Cristina Lasso Dávalos, Rim Tekle, Anna Dede, Ulrike M., Tanja, Lea

DoP Julia Schlingman Künstlerin Eva Jahnson Fotografin Lena Bogunovic Fotograf Lukas Gasterer 1. AC Sintja Kern Oberbeleuchtung Manuel Dolderer Set-Ton Elaine Niessner H&M Artist Isabelle Barsch Editorial Judith Bader Executive Producer Dominko Gudelj Production oh, boy! films

All educational content from the workshop is available free of charge in our Vulva Mag


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