Leider ist das Tampon Book auf deutsch nicht mehr vorrätig. Trage dich hier ein, um als Erste zu erfahren, ab wann Deutschlands Klolektüre Nr. 1 wieder verfügbar ist.
The Tampon Book

A book against tax discrimination

Female Fellows

Our organic tampons have nothing to hide, so why conceal them in a book? We do this to protest against the unfair and sexist taxation on tampons, sanitary pads and other feminine hygiene products. In Germany, these are still considered “luxury goods” and therefore taxed with the top value added tax rate of 19 percent. Meanwhile, actual luxury products such as flowers, truffles or oil paintings are considered daily necessities and earn the reduced rate of only 7 percent. Is this crazy? Yes indeed! Luckily, we’ve found a loophole. Books are also taxed with 7 percent.That’s why our tampons now come as a book, or rather inside a book.

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Female Fellows

Wait … what? Tampons are a luxury and truffles aren’t? Yes, sadly it’s true. And it gets even more absurd: This is not only the case in Germany. In recent years, the tampon tax has provoked worldwide protests. Countries like India, Kenya and Canada have abolished the tax already. Great job girls! But in Germany, there is still not enough political pressure, even though some parties theoretically support our claim. That’s why we had to get practical. With The Tampon Book, we support a petition on change.org to get rid of the sexist tampon tax once and for all. If you agree that a period is not a luxury (and you will agree if you ever had one) then please support us!

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The first packaging that fights patriarchy

We always work really hard on the packaging design of our organic tampons. But this time, we took it one step further. The Tampon Book does not only contain 15 organic tampons but also 46 pages of funny and surprising stories about menstruation. Written with love. Illustrated in a bold and uncompromising style by Ana Curbelo as well as illustrator and activist Alica Läuger – and of course printed on recycled paper. Featuring stories like What Adam and Eve have to do with the tampon, the truth about men who menstruate and the answer to the age old question: ‘Is a swimmer on her period in danger of attracting the sharks?’


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